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At Insightful Space we teach mindfulness-based principles and meditative practices intended to support and encourage your unique path of healing, growth and self-discovery. 


We will work together to implement sustainable practices designed to cultivate self-awareness, reduce stress and create a better life balance. 


Our relationship will be anchored in non-judgement, patience and resilience. 












Learn practical methods to better observe your own thoughts, feelings and  sensations

Stress reduction

Develop the ability to adapt to adversity and stressful situations without lasting difficulties

Life balance

Establish practices designed to recognize and bring balance to your own behaviors and well-being

At Insightful Space we believe that by focusing on the inner work, the external changes that you seek will follow.

"I had the great benefit of having Matt’s guidance and counsel as I began to learn how to integrate mindfulness, meditation, and using a wiser mind.  He is a great listener, observer, and patient advisor.  Having him as a nonjudgmental companion and key supporter was crucial to my healing and being able to process significant events and emotional traumas in my life.  So appreciate Matt and can highly recommend him – filled an essential role that my therapist and psychiatrist did not play in my life."  ~ D.C.

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Flemington, NJ
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