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Qualified MBSR Teacher - Mindfulness Center at Brown University

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher - Mindfulness Exercises Institute

Hi, my name is Matt Bruno and I'd like to welcome you to Insightful Space.

For the first thirty plus years of my life I had been, for the most part, unconsciously shaped by my environments, relationships and conditioning. Throughout this time I struggled with high levels stress, anxiety and chronic pain. The inability to manage these experiences well led me to a place where I was generally unhealthy.


When I began to practice mindfulness and meditate regularly, things began to change. This work helped me to develop an awareness of my thoughts, emotions, and body in ways that I never imagined possible. It opened my eyes to the power of self-compassion and connected me to a deeper wisdom that I've grown to trust and rely on. In addition to this foundational work, I continue to support my health through exercise, nutrition, sleep and talk therapy. With these methods and disciplines in place and in sync, I've found a new sense of clarity and balance that allows me to live a more intentional life. 

I have spent many years now learning, teaching and applying these principles and practices to promote healing and growth for myself and others.  




"Working with Matt has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. His guidance sends me back to myself over and over again and through that inner work I have found a solid foundation of self love and compassion. For many years I've been wrapped up in debilitating anxiety. Insightful Space has given me the freedom to live a life that’s inspired, hopeful, calm and true to who I am. Not defined by fear and thought. Matt’s wisdom and encouragement has been a gift to my soul. He gets it."  ~ M.B.

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